60 Self Portraits-Videos


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Embroidery Project-Finished Piece

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The theme of my embroidery identity project was “heritage”. I desperately wanted to stay away from the iconic Irish symbolism. The reason I wished to do this is that each person’s heritage is more than the very place they came from, it’s their experiences, family, friends, and faith. For this project, I embroidered key dates that were significant to me as well as the first verse of an Irish lullaby that was sung to me in my early youth by my mum and grandmum. I also chose to embroider a rosary because my faith is indeed related to my heritage. Without my family, I would not have been involved with Irish Catholicism. My faith is a direct representation of my heritage and connection to my clan. Though not perfectly rendered, this piece carries slight sentimental value, as my grandmum most recently passed away. It was a delight to carry out this project.